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A Great Reason to Smile

A healthy smile is an investment that lasts a lifetime. Speak to us about the importance of good oral hygiene and maintenance of your braces during treatment. Ask us if patient-friendly In-Ovation C braces can work for you.

Today, more than 25-percent of all orthodontic patients are adults. Because In-Ovation C provides faster results with fewer appointments and less treatment time, more adults are choosing to improve their smile, health and confidence than ever before. Ask us and find out why In-Ovation C is your best choice for a beautiful smile!

With In-Ovation C, a Better Smile is Clear & Easy

With In-Ovation® C system braces, achieving a beautiful, healthy smile is fast and comfortable… an altogether highly attractive process. The patient-friendly design means that you have less chair-time, reduced discomfort and far fewer appointments than with older style braces. Plus you have the cosmetic benefits of ceramic translucency – braces that seamlessly blend with your teeth!

In-Ovation C is gentle. It uses a free-sliding technology which places little to no pressure on teeth. As a result, your treatment not only takes less time and requires fewer appointments but is more comfortable than with traditional fixed-wire braces.

Attractive Advantages


Who Needs Treatment?

Now you can look your best and feel confident about your smile (both during and after treatment). That’s because In-Ovation C is smooth and has a lower profile than other self-ligating braces. Plus, there are no elastic or metal ties! This means you have less irritation, less plaque build-up and less difficulty keeping your teeth clean.

In-Ovation C does not just straighten teeth, its unique Interactive™ technology allows your doctor to gently achieve the precise results needed for optimum facial proportion and aesthetics. In-Ovation C gives people good reason to smile!

Benefits of In-Ovation C

  • Superior aesthetics–people notice you, not your braces

  • Shorter appointments

  • Reduced treatment time

  • Fewer adjustments and less appointments

  • Greater comfort

  • Improved facial proportion and appearance

  • A dramatic, healthy and attractive smile!

In-Ovation averages 40-percent fewer appointments than traditional brackets.

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